16 Momme Seamless Silk Sheet Set Classic

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Fabric: 100% 16 Momme pure long stranded mulberry silk.
Colors Available:Chocolate, apricot, lightblue, lightgreen, pink, purple, ivory
Description: 100% mulberry silk, 16 momme weight, classic silk bedding set makes your home a peaceful land and brings your room harmony. Soft texture and simple design ensure this series of bedding set become classic forever. Try and take it if you like it!

Care Instructions:

1. Avoid washing with other fabrics in deep colors.
2. Manual washing is recommended. Machine washing is feasible but in gentle cycle. Do not rub it by hand hardly or use any brush.
3. Use acid or light alkaline detergent.
4. Tiling first and airing in a cool setting. Tumble dry is feasible but with no extended period of time.
5. Ironing when some moisture retains. Always iron inside.
6. The low-temperature dyeing and printing makes the first two washing some flooding, but it will not affect the color and it will cause no harm to human body.

About Silk: There are a lot of advantages that silk can bring us in life. Smoothness, heat retention and moisture absorption are the particular features that the silk possesses. Firstly, silk consists of protein which is highly compatible with human bodies biologically. Besides, the coefficient of fiction is the lowest in all kinds of fabrics, for only 7.4%. Secondly, the silk protein contains a lot of hydrophilic genes which can absorb or emit the moisture in the air and can keep some of them. Especially in summer, the silk sheet sets can send forth the sweat and heat people give out rapidly. Thirdly, not only does silk has the feature of cooling, but also it can keep warm. As a matter of fact, mulberry silk has some space inside which is able to keep a lot of air in it, so the air can prevent the heat gives out.
About Vansilk: The silk sheet sets Vansilk provided are the vanguard in the silk field. Designed by sophisticated stylist, manufactured by experienced silk artisans, serviced by careful workers, we hold a firm faith that you will be captivated by our products eventually.

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